Auch heute veröffentlichte Blizzard wieder ein kleines Hotfix für das aktuelle Patch 7.0.3 in World of Warcraft. Wiedermal gibt es hier viele kleine Anpassungen, denkt daran, dass tägliche Hotfixes bei einem derartig großen Patch, wie das 7.0.3 nicht ungewöhnlich sind. Wie immer haben wir nachfolgend für Euch das englische Original der Patchnote.



Demon Hunter

  • Horde Demon Hunters should now be able to open the Dungeon Journal after completing the quest Audience with the Warchief.
  • Newly-created Demon Hunters should be able to be deleted despite having unread mail.


  • Stampede should now consistently work against other players.


  • Ice Floes will not be consumed by spells that are made instant by Hot Streak or Presence of Mind.
  • Flamestrike does not consume Hot Streak when Hot Streak is gained during the cast of Flamestrike.


  • Powerful Legion Commanders in Legion Invasions may now drop Nethershards; the number of Nethershards awarded upon completion of individual Stages has been slightly reduced to compensate.


  • Non-Demon Hunters will no longer receive Demon Hunter Glaives from Legion chests.
  • Glaive weapons can now be enchanted by players.


  •  Illidari Darkdealers should be selling their goods to Horde player-characters.


  • Players should no longer see duplicated conversation between NPCs during the quest „The Fallen Lion“.
  • The Dalaran (Northrend) cooking daily quest should once again randomize properly.


  • (Work in progress) Players should be able to promote other players to the Guild Master rank via right-click in the guild roster.
  • (Work in progress) You can again successfully search for robes in the Auction House.