Blizzard gab Infos zum neuen PTR Patch 7.2.5 bekannt, in diesen werden wir, unter anderem, den neuen Raid finden. Doch es gibt noch mehr zu erleben in diesem Patch, die Highlights findet ihr hier.

  • Die Zeitwanderungs-Raids kommen! Den Beginn macht der Schwarze Tempel. Scheinbar für 30 Spieler!
  • Todesminen und Gnomeregan als neue Haustierkampf-Dungeons
  • Drei neue Mikro-Feiertage:
    • Trial of Style – Dust off those pauldrons and compete in a fashion competition of Azerothian proportions! Speak to a transmogrifier NPC in any major city to participate in the Trial of Style!
    • Auction House Dance Studio – The main auction houses in Orgrimmar and Stormwind have been cleaned out and turned into Dance Studios for the day! Crowd on in and show some faction pride!
    • Moonkin Festival – A wonderful celebration of all things Moonkin is happening today in Moonglade. Stop by and see what you can learn!
  • Ein Lore-Event mit Magni in zwei Szenarien:
    • Magni Scenario
    • Azeroth’s Warning Scenario
  • Eine neue Questreihe mit Chromie.
  • Inklusive Szenario: The Deaths of Chromie Scenario
  • Einige Klassen werden Überarbeitet
    • Zerstörungs Hexenmeister
    • Gesetzlose und Täuschungs Schurken
    • Braumeister und Nebelwirker Mönche
    • Verwüstung Dämonenjäger
    • Wächter Druiden

Mehr Infos zu den Klassen gibt es in der Patchnote.

PTR Development Notes – Build 23910

Welcome to the Patch 7.2.5 Public Test Realm! To kick off this phase of 7.2.5 development, we’d like to take a moment to give you a short synopsis of our major goals and content for this patch, as well as what you’ll be able to experience once PTR realms are active.

Similar to Patch 7.1.5, 7.2.5 is what we’re considering a “smaller” patch for Legion. That said, it still has some pretty substantial content updates, including:

  • An epic, time-twisting questline involving everyone’s favorite walking paradox: Chromie!
  • An assortment of new events, including the Auction House Dance Party, the Moonkin Festival, and a transmog competition we’re calling the Trial of Style.
  • Three words: Black Temple Timewalking.

Another key focus for this patch is on class design, particularly for a few specs that need some extra attention. We’re likely to end up making adjustments for many specs to some degree, but we’re currently looking primarily at:

  • Destruction Warlocks
  • Outlaw and Subtlety Rogues
  • Brewmaster and Mistweaver Monks
  • Havoc Demon Hunters
  • Guardian Druids

Once the PTR realms are live, the Trial of Style will be available for testing, as well as some of our initial class changes. Talk to Flaskataur in Dalaran to test out the Trial of Style. We’re currently planning to bring the PTR realms up later this week, depending on how this initial deploy goes – we’ll let you know how things progress.

Thanks, and happy testing!