Grade erst gestern wurde das letzte Hotfix eingespielt, schon liefert Blizzard für Heute ein weiteres neues Hotfix nach. Unter anderem gibt es Änderungen am neuen Raid, die Patchnote findet ihr hier in englischer Original-Fassung.


Class Halls

  • Warlocks who have completed their class mount quest should be able to see Calydus‘ vendor list.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Darkheart Thicket
    • Dresaron has tidied up his lair, moving his eggs to the edge of the room.
  • Tomb of Sargeras
    • Mistress Sassz’ine
      • Crashing Wave takes 1 second longer to occur after the warning visual in Mythic difficulty.
      • Concealing Murk duration increased to 12 seconds in Mythic difficulty.
      • Befouling Ink recast time in stage three increased by 5 seconds in Mythic difficulty.


  • (Hotfix in testing) Fixed a bug preventing the Archaeology digsite in The Wildwood from functioning properly.